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Vaser Lipo Fat Loss | Worcester, MA

Bellisimo Med Spa in Worcester, MA is proud to offer state-of-the-art Vaser Lipo for fat loss and body contouring. Vaser Lipo is an advanced body sculpting procedure that uses ultrasound technology for a gentler and more effective alternative to harsh and painful traditional liposuction techniques.

Vaser Lipo is minimally invasive yet also powerful enough for large areas of fat loss, and precise enough to treat small, delicate areas of the body. Heredity determines where fat cells will accumulate on our bodies - and while diet & exercise can make these fat cells smaller, they cannot make them go away. But Vaser Lipo ultrasound liposuction permanently removes fat cells so that they never come back!

If you have stubborn, unwanted pockets of fat that simply do not respond to exercise and diet, Vaser Lipo can help! And, unlike many other fat loss treatments, Vaser Lipo can sculpt and shape multiple areas of the body in a single visit. Vaser Lipo treatment can also be combined with "autologous fat transfer" - where unwanted fat is removed from one area of the body and used to add needed volume to another area of the face or body (such as the breasts, butt, or to fill in wrinkles).

Schedule a Vaser Lipo consultation at Bellisimo Med Spa in Worcester, MA - and take the first step toward getting the trim, toned body you've always wanted!     Call: 508-799-7767

How Vaser Lipo Fat Loss Works

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Why Vaser Lipo is the Best Fat Loss Treatment

Traditional liposuction requires "brute force" to manually separate the fat from the body before it is removed - which can result in pain, bruising, swelling and a long recovery.

But Vaser Lipo uses ultrasound waves to gently dislodge the fat cells, before they are permanently suctioned out of the body.  This means minimal swelling and bruising, and much less downtime afterwards!

Additionally, because Vaser Lipo is very gentle, the removed fat cells remain intact, and can be used to add volume to areas of the face or body that you would like to enhance - such as the breast, buttocks and hollow contours or wrinkles & creases in the face. 

And, Vaser Lipo results are immediate, permanent, and allow much more precise "sculpting" than non-invasive fat loss treatments.

Vaser Lipo Liposuction
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fat loss laser lipo worcester ma

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fat loss laser lipo worcester ma

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