Vaser Lipo Body Contouring

It’s not easy keeping a slender physique. Fighting fat can be an everyday battle, but some body parts are in fact more susceptible to fat than others. Our bodies all distribute and store fat differently due in part to factors such as body types, genes, age and diet. Do you ever wonder why you’re storing fat in a certain spot? It might be more than just too many cookies. Some of the causes are genes and body shape, Empty calories and fat, gender and the aging process, weight gain, and even poor-fitting clothes. Luckily there are now easy ways to correct these problem areas. We are proud to offer body sculpting lipolysis to relieve individuals of those areas which cannot be reduced by diet or exercise. Our physician is certified and trained in performing SmartLipo and Vaser body sculpting which have been proven to be very effective treatments. He also uses Liposonix as well as ThermiTight. Our physician will determine which treatment or combination of treatments is best for you.

Precision Body Contouring

For over a decade, VASER treatments have provided high quality, versatile body shaping procedures to patients throughout the world. The VASERlipo procedure is well-respected and uses trusted ultrasound-assisted liposuction technology.

With a suite of body shaping tools and treatments, VASER gives you customized solutions that fit your lifestyle. By choosing VASER, you’re getting trusted science and clinically proven results.

VASERlipo uses a precise minimally invasive liposuction technology that helps produce eye-catching results in just one procedure and the technology provides many benefits versus traditional liposuction treatments. The ultrasound energy is tissue-selective, targeting fat while protecting other tissues from damage. It’s powerful enough to eliminate substantial areas of fat but gentle enough to treat delicate areas such as the neck and arms. VASERlipo is clinically proven to produce even results in treated areas, leaving your skin smooth and your body beautifully contoure

VASERlipo treatments are simple, minimally invasive liposuction procedure that can be performed in a physician’s office, a hospital, or an outpatient surgery center, while you are awake or under general anesthesia.
During the procedure, ultrasound energy is used to treat unwanted fat, loosening the cells from other tissues so they can easily be removed through a small tube. Depending on the number of areas being treated, the procedure can take as little as one hour or up to several hours.

After a VASERlipo procedure, patients wear special compression garments to help skin contract smoothly to the body’s new contours. A short period of rest (typically 12 hours) is recommended, followed by two to three weeks of general recovery when strenuous activities should be avoided.

Results are immediately noticeable after the VASERlipo procedure and will continue to improve as the body heals. Final results are typically seen in about three to four months.

Benefits vs. traditional liposuction treatments:

• Produce eye-catching results in a single procedure
• Remove large amounts of stored fat
• Smooth skin even in delicate areas like the arms and neck
• Refine and accentuate the appearance of muscles

Fat Transfer Procedures

Many patients choose to have fat removed from one area of the body with a VASERlipo procedure and transfer it to accentuate or contour another area of the body in what is called a Fat Transfer Procedure. Fat cells treated and removed during VASERlipo procedures are typically of high quality, and are viable to re-introduce into the body in a Fat Transfer Procedure. Unlike short lasting synthetic fillers, re-injecting your own fat may give you more natural looking results that last longer, with less risk of rejection.